Kansas City PL to Consider Non-Degreed Directors

Hot off the press from Library Journal , the Board of the Kansas City Public Library is debating the pros and cons of advertising for a director who may or may not have an MLS degree. The Trustees want to be able to consider candidates with particular experience in fund-raising and management. If a non-degreed person is hired, it would require the repeal of a state statute.


..."I told the Kansas City Star that the reason some libraries have been successful when their directors did not have the MLS was because those directors had very strong deputies and lieutenants with the MLS who could provide the expertise and knowledge needed to address the issues those libraries face in library management and librarianship," he told LJ.

From the world of academia, it would seem more appropriate to follow the President and Chancellor model. The President would run the institution while the Chancellor raised the money. Being so bent about ensuring you have money leads to the impossibility of trying to do the two full-time jobs of raising funds and running the library. Leaving somebody totally focused on funding in charge can quite honestly lead to a lack of strategic direction for a library that an MLS in charge would provide.

The easiest way to cope appropriately would be to follow the President and Chancellor model. In such a way you get the leadership you need while also still seeking funds. Such would allow for compliance with the law in this case seemingly.