Salinas, CA, Council finalizes library closures

Anonymous Patron writes "Sad News From California where the Salinas City Council on Tuesday finalized its decision to close libraries.

Council members said they hope the closure of John Steinbeck, Cesar Chavez and El Gabilan libraries will be temporary, but said restoring the services will require new funding, specifically from a voter-approved tax measure.

Better News, also from CA, where A proposal from Palo Alto Library Director Paula Simpson to close the city's two smallest libraries, in the College Terrace and Downtown neighborhoods, was rejected.
Buffalo NY just avoided losing all its libraries as well."


Does anyone know what the procedure for closing libraries in this type of situation owuld be? Isn't the city going to have to spend a large ammount of money to move all the materials into storage (and by storage I don't mean a basement of a random city-owned building where they will rot away within a few years)?

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