Context Providers Add Texture to Your Surf

Submitted by AnnaKh on Thu, 10/05/2000 - 23:38

The complaint that there is no context to validate the credibility of what we find online is creating an opportunity for a new breed of \"context providers.\" Two of them are profiled in this article on Traffick - a look at SiteSherpa and Project Napa.Story excerpt:

Let\'s start with an explanation of Alexa. Alexa is a free download that works with your browser (it seems to work best with Internet Explorer). Operating in a toolbar or frame attached to the browser, it gives you an indication of how popular a site is (overall rank of web site, based on the number of Alexa visits, which is a pretty good approximation). It tells you about related sites, and offers contact information if it\'s available. Reader reviews and ratings are also a part of the Alexa formula. However, Alexa has languished somewhat under its new parent, Amazon.