Dominican U., Chicago Public Schools team up to recruit, train new librarians

An Anonymous Patron writes "Dominican, CPS team up to recruit, train new librarians Dominican University's Graduate School of Library and Information Science is partnering with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the recipient of a $319,501 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, to recruit and educate librarians for the 21st century."

Update: 11/10 16:18 EST by R:Don't botha. The deadline for this was Oct. 1, and the program was just for folks who already have teaching certs in the CPS system.


I thought I'd read here that we didn't have jobs for the ones recruited the last go around.

"Current statistics reveal that, as of January 2004, more than half of school library media specialist positions with the Chicago Public Schools elementary schools were either vacant or filled with teachers who have not earned a school library media certification. Because of this, many CPS school libraries are under threat of closure by principals because no appropriate candidate is available to work in the library."

This article is really about school library media specialists and the need this area has for them. This reminds me a bit of teacher training programs in which students, if they want their graduate degrees paid for by their specific state, have to promise to teach within the most troubled school districts in that state. Seems as though the program written about in this article will do more help than harm. Rather than adding to the perceived glut of MLS grads, this program appears to be more likely to help their existing teachers, who do not hold advanced degrees and who are working in the library media field, to be better equiped to do their jobs well. At least, we can hope!