...and throw away the key

Submitted by Steven on Tue, 10/03/2000 - 23:31

Here is an article from the Belleville News-Democrat. It seems that everytime they fire someone at this library, they change the locks.\" Early Monday morning, several members of the library\'s Board of Trustees walked into the library\'s main branch on East Washington Street and told Director of Adult Services Michele Bruss that she was fired, effective immediately, and that she had 15 minutes to clean out her desk. While Bruss hurried to gather her belongings, a locksmith changed the locks on the building.\"

\"The episode was nearly identical to the sudden firing of the library\'s former director, Mary Agnes Schlather, on May 22.\"

\"Neither Bruss nor Schlather could be reached for comment Monday.\"

\"Board of Trustees President Cherie Reeser confirmed Monday afternoon that a library employee had been fired, although she would not say who that person is or what the reason was for the termination.\"

``All I can tell you is that one (employee) was dismissed for just cause,\'\' Reeser said of the firing. ``I wish I could say more.\"

\"While Reeser would not confirm the fired employee was Bruss, City Maintenance Department Director Bill Lugge did.\"

\"Lugge said he and other maintenance workers were sent to the library to help Bruss pack up and carry her belongings to her car.\"

\"When asked if the locks were changed, Reeser said only that the board was following its policies regarding the termination of employees. Lugge, however, confirmed that the locks were changed.\"