IMDB's other use: Hollywood dating tool


Hollywood, land of make-believe, where your next date could be not just a fun evening, it could also help your career. But when she says she just finished shooting a big movie, or he says he's a producer, how can you be really sure he/she/it isn't lying? Enter the Internet Movie Database. "In this depraved new world, the entertainment industry's favourite website has also become a social registry and vetting service for potential thespian mates. It is a litmus test of career legitimacy and, therefore, romantic eligibility." [Guardian Online]


I'm sure this just shows what an awful person I am, but I'm not sure I see what exactly is so depraved about actors checking each other out in the IMDB.

The article even acknowledges that doing some minimal research about who you're dating is pretty normal these days, now that the days of dating only people approved by all your family and friends is long past. Surely actors checking the IMDB, a publicly accessible free resource that records ONLY information about what people have done for public consumption, constitutes the most minimal research possible? It's certainly not in the category of hiring a detective agency to investigate them.

Fine, I can dig that. But does this mean I finally get my date with Kylie> or Nanako>?

If some up and coming actor/actress wants to date someone who checked their legitmacy on the IMdB, then they deserve that person.