Librarian as a secret spy?


Godfrey Oswald writes "Dear librarians,

I am in the process of putting the last few chapters to an extraordinary spy novel (The Kalahari Files) I hope to finish by xmas time.

As a librarian, I am toying with the idea of making the official profession of one of the lead characters of "The Kalahari Files" to be a librarian, (most spies working in foreign countries has an official profession to mask their real profession as a spy).

For instance Mata Hari was officially a famous dancer, but secretly a famous spy as well, and of course James Bond is offically a business man working for Universal Exports!

I am now looking for any press stories of a librarian who was once exposed as a spy. Doe anyone know of any librarian who turned out to be an intelligence agent or vice versa? It does not have to be in the last few years, it can go back as far as the 1950s or 1940s.

You can read a synopsis of "The Kalahari Files" at:

Thanks for your help.



And I have been working on a story about some cataloger-spies just to let out some of the "need to write" that has been frustrating me lately...perhaps this can be an opportunity to collaborate?

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