RFID, coming to a library near you


Anonymous Patron writes "CNET News.com Reports For a glimpse of how RFID technology could transform stores, factories and people's everyday lives, you may only need to look as far as your local library."


From the article: The real shakeup could come many years from now, when RFID completely transforms the way libraries operate, if you buy into Chachra's grand plan. He envisions a day when libraries completely do away with the time-tested Dewey Decimal classification system, opting instead for a sort of organized chaos governed by the vigilant and unblinking eye of RFID.

I like the out of the box thinking that the above statement engages in. I think this idea might work best for some types of fiction. But in my library there is a huge value in being able to go to the shelf and see other books that are on the same topic. But instead of shooting the idea down we should keep the out of the box thinking going even further. If the OPAC was improved so that you could easily browse other books on the same subject you could use the idea that is listed above and have the best of both worlds.

Yeah, mmmmmmaybe. Do I sound hesitant enough? It's a big step to start doing that to library shelves, it may be something to try, but it's a bit scary.

I know Amazon does it this way already, and I think it's a neat idea for places like that, but I do think that there is real value to being able to browse the shelves.