Laura's Late Night with Leno

From, here's an official transcript of remarks by librarian and First Lady Laura Bush on her appearance last night on the Tonight Show. Got that? Last night? Tonight?

Questioned about the President's facial expressions during the first debate last week, Leno commented and Mrs. Bush replied:

    LENO: How about like -- being somewhat dyslexic, anybody who watches this monologue, I trip over my words. And occasionally, your husband will make a gaffe, which we will exploit to the hilt. (Laughter.) I mean, do you guys have fun with that afterwards?

    MRS. BUSH: We do. We laugh about it sometimes. Sometimes, we don't laugh. (Laughter and applause.)

    But actually, the fact is, he gives hundreds of speeches and he'll give three or four in a day. And, you know, after that amount of time, it's easy to make a mistake or two.

    LENO: How about the faces? Because everyone seemed to say he would kind of grimace --

    MRS. BUSH: That he was scowling?

    LENO: Scowling, you know --

    MRS. BUSH: I didn't see that. I was on the very front row and in person that didn't really show up that much. But I think he said this morning that anyone who listened to his opponent say that many things about him would have to make a face. (Applause.)


Uh huh, meanwhile your husband and Cheney repeat that "wrong war" quote by Kerry half a dozen times in the debates. I doubt you could complie something like this for most other presidents besides the Alzheimer's-striken Reagan.* Speaking of which, a doctor recently wrote the Atlantic Monthly suggesting that Bush is in serious need of a dementia screening because of all his gaffes. Probably just too many youthful indiscretions.* Okay, he probably wasn't officialy diagnosed until after he was president, but the signs accusations were during his "I don't know" Iran-Contra phase. The news broke, however, just in time to make the Sunday papers right before the November 1994 elections. Interesting timing. Some are now speculating about an Osama October surprise...

I'm sorry to whine, but I can't help myself anymore. Could we relegate Laura Bush stories having NOTHING to do with her experience as a librarian to the journal pages? It seems like we've developed an unhealthy celebrity obsession with her.Alternatively, how about a new area JUST for Laura Bush stories? How about

Well, we all could find something here to grumble about. Could be the Laura stories will fade away after January...meanwhile the Laura icon is so attractive.

Maybe somebody should Photoshop all three of our favorite "demon head" icons into one, for a category named "Dr. Laura Bushcroft."

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