Haunted Library in Indiana?

An Anonymous Patron sends "this link to newspaper-sponsored ghostcam in the Evansville (IN) Courier Press. The cam keeps an eye on various parts of the allegedly haunted Willard Library."


It's a pretty good way to drum up publicity for the library... Cute, creative, and, from the looks of the comments, wildly popular. Whether there really is a ghost? Does it really matter? I bet this gets more traffic to that library...

I think what a lot of libraries lack is something to make the public really call it their own... And this, although somewhat morbidly, does sort of fill that need.

That, and I'm insanely jealous of that reference room!

I wish the photos were a little larger as it'd make them easier to study, but just from what I've seen there looks to be something to this. I've investigated several paranormal occurances and have worked in places reported to be haunted. Only two places have met my standards to show paranormal phenomena, a theatre and the library where I currently work.

The Capitol Theatre has a ghost we named Shorty. People who don't believe in ghosts believe in Shorty. There's been cases where toilets flush themselves. A door located about 20 feet above the stage with no stairs or any way to get to it except a ladder will open, close, and slam shut on its own. There's footsteps heard along with mild poltergeist activity. Thousands witnessed an event during the Nutcracker presentation where it started "snowing" during the wrong scene. Fake snow was suspended in a snow baffle in the fly and during an indoor scene it started snowing. The road manager was furious and called up to the fly crew asking them what the hell they were doing. To which they told him to look across stage at the fly gallery. The ropes controlling the snow baffle were moving on their own with no one near them.

The Yakima Valley Regional Library has some strange occurances too. There's been footsteps, door openings and slammings, and even weirder; the sound of footsteps walking across tiled floor when the only flooring around is carpeted. Turns out that the area used to be tiled. At least six people have heard their name called when they are by themselves, and of these at least three have had their name called to them while they were the only person in the building. We've also had one sighting of an apparition going into a room. That was a pretty interesting part of the case as the witness is one hundred percent certain she saw someone enter a room with only one door to come and go by. When she investigated who was in the room, there was no one there. This occurred only a few weeks ago and is the first known sighting of the ghost.

This makes me wanna set up some web cams and see what I can find out. But what a fantastic idea to gain some publicity for the Willard Library and maybe get some photos of the unexplained.

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