Rural MD Bookmobile Will Be Traded In


Cecil County Maryland is looking forward to receiving its brand new $160,000 state of the art bookmobile next spring, and the kids and their families can't wait to climb aboard and borrow books.

But according to this article in the Cecil Whig , it sounds like with only 52,000 miles, the old bookmobile may still have a bit of life in it. Librarian/chauffeur Maxine Gibbs says despite its resemblance to a bread truck, its slightly leaky roof and no radio reception, the van is always greeted enthusiastically, with kids begging for her to blow the horn so they can climb up and check out the Clifford books, comics and anime.


Well good for Ms. Ruth K. Deegan for her bequest! And if Maxine Gibbs doesn't have her own librarian action figure sittin' on the dash board of her new bookmobile, she sure needs one now.

I live in Westchester County in NY State and, though I've heard of bookmobiles, I've never seen one nor have I lived in an area that had one - as far as I know. In Greenbrier County, WV, they had a Veterinarian Mobile - but certainly not a library on wheels to take out to the folks way up in those mountains. I like the sound of being the bookmobile librarian and am going to file this story away for future reference. ;-)

So many thanks to you birdie, for bringing this uplifting story on over here - and I'm looking forward to reading more letters to the editor of the Cecil Whig, too!