What You Should Know About E-Mail Archiving


Anonymous Patron writes "One From Transform Magazine takes a look at e-mail archiving practices. Policies and best practices are confusing and are often torn between the end-users, legal, IT, and compliance. Reconciling the needs of all these constituencies makes it clear that one size seldom fits all in the world of e-mail.It's more of a business focus, but it'll work well in the library world as well."


Every spring, we have to either delete all of our previous year's email or print it, label it, put it in a special folder, fill out a TPS report and send it off to a secret storage warehouse somewhere never to be seen again. Trust me, you'll keep your email box clean after going through that ordeal once...

Then again, I've had multiple managers who print out every email they receive or send and file them in a credenza so maybe for them this actually simplifies things.

Still, its probably an other example, along with spam, why email is 'broken'. I predict email in its current form will disappear, but like 3.5 inch floppies it will flounder around for a decade or so.

That's my stapler.

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