A Call for Library Bloggers

If you're not familiar with Tame the Web you owe yourself a visit or a subscription to his feed. Michael has recently posted a call for front line library bloggers to answer a short survery. Why not help out?

Are you a blogger working in a library? Do write about the comings and goings of library users? Do you blog your interactions with other staff? If so, please take a minute or two and answer some questions for Aaron and I.

We'll thank you for it!

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Since I make a point to try to talk about LIS-related stuff OTHER than my job, I wouldn't be a good candidate for this. Mind you, if my boss had no idea about my weblog, I'd definitely be posting about stuff like the generation gap. I have no problems about working with people older than me and get along great with the clerks who could be my grandmothers. My boss, who is my mom's age, can't seem to get over how young I am. I'm made to feel like I'm playing at being a grown-up around her a lot. Okay, enough venting, off on weekend vacation!

"Please answer some questions for Blake and ME."

Duh... "for Aaron". That's what happens when the story you're replying to isn't visible when you're typing the reply (even if a comment to which you're replying is visible).

At least he didn't say 'for Blake and myself'.