It's only fiction, but is it legal?


teaperson writes "Although this was discussed already when reported by the Independent, the Christian Science Monitor's book editor, Ron Charles, gives his take on Nicholson Baker's upcoming book:

'The last time a US president and Nicholson Baker appeared in the same sentence, the subject was sex: In 1998, Kenneth Starr discovered that the world's most famous intern had given Bill Clinton a copy of Mr. Baker's erotic novel "Vox."...

Baker's newest work, "Checkpoint," is literary fiction, and carries Michael Moore's case against Mr. Bush to extremes that the partisan moviemaker has never dared approach. It may also be the most specifically articulated argument about killing a sitting US president ever published by a major commercial publisher.'



I don't know if this is legal, honestly. I guess if it's marketed clearly as fiction, that's one thing. I mean, people do write books about killing all the time. They write books about killing fictional (or already dead) presidents, though.

From the descriptions I've read of the book... it sounds like gratuitous crap, actually. It sort of feels like something I would have written in college trying to be all political and "deep". Then again, I've never been overly impressed with Baker.

Crap or not...I'm reminded of "fictional" Murphy Brown" becoming a "fictional" single mother and Vice President Quale seemed to be un able to distinguish between the reality and the "fiction".He thought she ought not to become a single mother...I could be wrong but a fiction novel is fiction...uh that would mean "not real".

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