Books for Babies, and earlier


Biblia, the Warrior Librarian writes "New Zealand has just started a new scheme to promote literacy - "Books for New Zealand Babies". Interestingly, as part of the campaign they "... will produce Baby Bookpacks in consultation with Kidz First, comprising a free book and reading tips, to be distributed to parents of premature and critically ill babies in the neonatal unit, with the goal of encouraging them to read to their newborns..."

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So, is anyone running an in-utero reading program? Or should literacy foundations be laid during conception?



Some twenty some-odd years ago, a local library system did a video impressing upon mothers of newborns and toddlers, the importance of reading to their children.As a light hearted way to show this, they demonstrated showing a movie based on a book. The screen? The stomach of a very pregant woman, so that her child could start learning even before birth! But to the best of my knowledge, this was not in fact a programme any libraries started doing!