Your Librarian Hates You If...

Your Librarian Hates You If... is a funny post to Craigs List from last year. I think we probably ran it before, but it's worth another visit.

You never have your library card, and then you cough on me while explaining that you don't even have an ID on you.

You refuse to learn to use the computers for yourself, and get impatient when I dont know your yahoo password.

You stare blankly as I check in your 40 books so you can pay a five-cent fine.

You contest a five-cent fine.


Your library leadership hates it if you ask for background information and public documents of your favorite cities' public libraries ! What irony!

"You physically turn my computer monitor around to watch my screen if I'm helping you. appalling.

I worked in an office cube farm that had really nice cubes with removeable 1 meter X 1 meter partitions between the desks (if one is facing forward). They were cool if you worked quietly and talked quietly. For our office it was fantastic as you could block most people who spoke loudly on the phone, but remove the partition for the co-worker with whom you had to ( or wanted to) regularly chat. Most people left their mini-walls up. (sorry for the long lead up)

One whackjob (who asked questions in meetings to hear himself speak and spent most of the day stoned) asked the guy in front of him to "take down your wall dude, I can't read your monitor."

Simply freaking amazing, this was at a really big (big 4) accounting firm. There was no need to see his monitor. This pinhead is still at the same job years later. Amazing.