ways to die in the Seattle library

heidi goldstein writes "Eight ways to die in the Seattle library. Here's a clever little excerpt describing the hazardous escalator from HELL:
Being stampeded at the bottleneck halfway up the ascent (there's a bizarre mid-point landing where patrons stop and scratch their heads and people pile up behind them); dismemberment, strangulation, and other tragedies associated with escalator technology."


I'm laughing as I read the linked article. It's pretty funny, although the snickering "We at The Stranger are so much better and cutting edge than those OTHER library patrons" tone is really off-putting.

But this is, what? The second anti-SPL post in the past two days alone? Why the backlash? Is the building really that horrible? Is the library really that god-awful? Is the SPL really that much of a noxious blight on the Seattle landscape? Or is it just that cynicism is so rampant that nothing new can be allowed to go by without a fusillade of Frasier Crane-like criticism and contempt?

I didn't mean to imply that the original post was anti-SPL; just that the link it referenced was (or seemed to be). It just surprises me that there's such a backlash.

Well, it is pretty funny looking for a library. And it seems to be designed for form rather than function. As a former Washingtonian, I can see why people would be taken aback by it. It's not really like anything else in the area. In some ways that's cool, but in others (form over function!) that's not so cool.

#6. What were they thinking? I know it's beautiful, but some of the design decisions are hard to understand.

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