Day Off for Many Public Library Workers

After what seems like an already length period of national mourning, today is the official day-off to honor the memory of former President Ronald Reagan.
California librarian Janet Leister said of her day off "Finally Reagan's done something for me."

Here's a brief report from the Modesto Bee .


California librarian Janet Leister said of her day off "Finally Reagan's done something for me."

What a touching note of selflessness and sensitivity from Ms. Leister. Why do they call it "liberalism"?

They have 3 portraits of him up, 2 are new, plus a statement:

"FAIRFIELD, CA (June 6, 2004)---The candymaking family and employees of Jelly Belly Candy Company were saddened to learn of the passing of Ronald Reagan and sent their heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Reagan and his children.

"I greatly admired Mr. Reagan and the leadership he brought to this country and the world. He leaves an unparalleled legacy in world affairs. His interest in our candy certainly had a profound effect on us," said Herman G. Rowland, Sr., chairman of the board of Jelly Belly Candy Company.

The company came to Mr. Reagan's attention during his term as Governor of California when he ate jelly beans to help him stop smoking. His love of Jelly Belly beans continued during his terms in the White House."

In his own words:
"You can tell a lot about a fellow by his way of eating jelly beans." -- Ronald Reagan

Roasted Garlic? What are they called? Buffy Beans?

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"Why do they call it "liberalism"? "

Where does it say that she was a liberal? The next paragraph she says that "she wasn't impressed with President Reagan." Nowhere does she say that she was a liberal or conservative. I agree her comment was heartless and incredibly tasteless, but infer her political leanings from it is ridiculous.

At any rate, I do not have the day off... which I am sorry about because I would have liked to have seen Mr. Reagan's funeral on tv. I watched the ceremony when he was laid in state and was very moved. I may not have agreed with some of his policies but he was a good man and should be remembered for his positive acts.

Roasted garlic? Oh man, that is almost worse than the Harry Potter themed jelly beans that are/were out. You know, like the movie, where they had vomit, and sawdust flavors. Although, I must admit to being extremely curious about the roasted garlic flavor. I LOVE the buttered popcorn.

Thanks for the info.

I've actually had occasion to correspond with Ms. Leister in the past, so I really wasn't inferring. I shouldn't have lashed out at an entire political tradition in response to what she said, though, and so I retract that comment.

Your library is on a boat? Half mast is for boats. Half staff is for buildings. I wish I worked on a library on a boat that would be ultra-cool. (Yes I know I am being nitpicky).

Good librarian. You are a credit to the profession because you did something for your patrons, and did not harp on what had been done for you.

JFK told us not to ask what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country. I guess Janet Leister missed that speech. Perhaps she'll go look it up and read it.

If they don't, they have them online

They have this article about Reagan

More linky

I looked on the jelly belly website to see if they would have any thing about Reagan's death since they had gotten such a big business boost when he was in office due to his legendary fondness for them and they haven't. I clicked around the site a bit to see what they have and saw that they have ROASTED GARLIC JELLY BELLIES! Who would have ever thought that flavor would ever come into being? I'm now very curious about them and I wonder if my local grocery store will have them.

I almost forgot, I was going to pick some up next time I went to the store. Thanks for the reminder.

Well as the consumate actor, and devoted Republican, he certainly knew when to make an exit...with all the corporate corruption involving Halliburton, the stories of prison abuse, the war in Iraq, and the report by the 9-11 commission looming and Bush' approval ratings declining...somehow Reagan seemed to know that the final event of his life...would be to make an exit at just the right time to divert the national attention from the bad stuff and focus it on the "glory" days of Republicanism.

Blah, blah, blah. All the cockroaches come out and voice their little opinions.

If you want to devote a part of your day to conveying your sympathy to the family, here's the website for the Reagan Condolence Book .

Today our city offices are closed (in northern NJ). The Mayor, of course, had a big hand, if not the biggest, in making that decision. Our library is open today. We were told that our Board is an independent board and made the independent decision to remain open. Here's the kicker: THE MAYOR SITS ON THE BOARD!
So, in his infinite wisdom, he decided to close the CITY offices, but in his role on the Library Board, he decided to keep the LIBRARY open!
Mind you, it isn't that I even agree that the city offices should be closed, but how do you close the city offices and not the library? (I am still trying to determin if the schools are open or closed.)
Too often, we (the public library) are considered "essential" and remain open, yet rarely are we TREATED as "essential" when it comes to money and respect!

I'm generally a liberal, and when I heard about Reagan's death Saturday evening, I drove to my (closed-for-the-day) library on my own time, lowered the flag to half mast, and put together a display of books about Reagan for patrons to browse the next day. Go figure.

Greetings fellow cockroach! ;)

My most sincere respect to you, Brian.

We are also deemed essential at my university library. No one even suspects we are open and so we have only a handful of patrons here today. We do get comp time though.I think I will get some jelly bellies though to mark his passing.

"Your library is on a boat? Half mast is for boats. Half staff is for buildings."

Well, with all the rain we've been having here ... .

Good catch on the nitpicky thing. The weekend began early for my brain.