The High Cost Of Hosting LISNews


Thank you for supporting LISNews.Thank you for supporting LISNews.


I can't seem to update the story, something about that paypal link in there makes the form choke, but the email domains will be:librarianmail.comlibrarianmail.orglibrarymail.netI'll be keeping track of anyone who chips in, and sending out details soon on how that'll work.

It's not much... still doing the job search thing but yours is a cause I'll support as long as there's Top Ramen in the cupboard. (I also used a non-identifiable email addy.)

Red Hat will want to have its own apache lying around; that's fine, keep it, just ignore it. No need to even tell the package manager what you're doing, just compile and install apache 1.3.x in the way described in Slash's INSTALL file -- it'll go into /usr/local/apache and Red Hat will never know it's there.

If RH's perl won't work, that's fine too, recompile perl (but this time you want to overwrite RH's /usr/bin/perl with your version, don't try having /usr/local/bin/perl be different from /usr/bin/perl.)

Having done that, you should just be able to stop RH's apache 2.x, and start your own apache 1.3.x, by running RH's init.d script and your own /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl script. Once you've confirmed that works fine, you might consider replacing RH's init.d script with your own, so if your system reboots, it's 1.3.x and not 2.x that starts up.

sure, feel free to drop me an email, I have been responding to every donation.

Ah, good point, hadn't thought about that, the form I put up is just the stock PayPal thingy, I'll add more fields.

I also used a different email address. I think you should have a button permanently on the front page for donations. That's not unreasonable and is something quite a few sites do nowadays.

Ditto. I had to use a different e-mail addy than I do here because my usual one was used previously at paypal (even though the account has long been cancelled). Should we chuck you a note or something once we send some cash your way?

Is there some way you can modify the Paypal thing so we can include a note with our LISNews usernames in it so you know who we are? My e-mail address at Paypal should be a real clue, but it may not be obvious for everyone.

but I'll click the ads for you :)

$30.00 sent your way and I hope it will help (alas, we can't send more as we have entered the teenaged years at our household: my life is reduced to writing checks, conflict resolution, and driving people about time at odd hours).

You should put one right up at the top of the page, too.

I kicked in a few bucks, I'll take the Rick Steeves video :>

I've chipped in my $50 and hope that others can contribute what they can. Even $5 or $10 will get LISNews closer to it's goal.Not all of us are fans of public radio or television, but I can't resist saying something like:
  "LISNews is 100% member supported. If you enjoy the quality programming you get when you logon to the Internet, become a member of Public LISNews today!

Maybe you could avoid income tax problems if we sent you a birthday present?

Made a donation, hope it helps. Good luck.
I'll take the t-shirt!