Drunken Birds Crash Into Library Windows


From today's news: "Bird watchers say that waxwings are getting drunk on fermented berries that grow on crabapple trees outside Burlington's [VT] Fletcher Free Library." There's a few similar tales of this sort of thing happening. The library trees are being replaced. Our library has some cutout hawk silhouettes in the windows to reduce the risk of bird collisions.


I had huge north windows in my office in the vet college--wonderful for me, the books and the adjoining workroom, but tough on the birds, who saw the reflection of the trees, sky and themselves and flew right into the windows. Splat. The worst part, after the shock, was their little outline with open beak and spread wings, legs akimbo, that was left on the window until the triennial window washing season (if it was even that often).

They weren't drunk. Windows in buildings kill millions of birds--maybe 100 million, so cutting down a few trees won't help much. Check story.bcnbirds.org>