Controversial children's books not at public library


If you live in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and you wrote a letter to the Aberdeen News asking them if there is any library locally carrying "a children's book that advocates homosexuality," your question has been answered.

The books are not available at the Alexander Mitchell Library in Aberdeen. A search of the state's library network revealed that no public library that is part of the South Dakota online database has them. However, several public libraries in Minnesota have the books as do some in North Dakota, though none locally. Just to be safe, you might want to stay out of Minnesota, who knows what could happen.

Next time you might want to check the library for yourself.


I blame Tom Daschle and I am disappointed he didn't bring home some pork barrel to remedy this terrible situation. (this is a joke for all those out there.)

So if a library doesn't have a particular book, should we require the library to carry a specific title? Should these two books be required in every public library?

I don't really have a problem with the book being in a public library; however, I would not check it out for my 6 year old. But that is my right and responsibility as a parent.

Initially, I read the article and it stated that there were no "children's book that advocates homosexuality". (whatever that means). I thought this was pretty bad; however, I checked for other titles on the South Dakota online network. It appears that "Heather Has Two Mommies" is avaiable at the Rapid City Public Library as well as some other libraries in the state. In addition, Rapid City Public has a children's book entitled "The Sissy Duckling". There are other children's books in South Dakota public libraries that deal with gay parent's and families. So, I think the paper's headline is a bit inaccurate and gives one the impression that: (a) these two titles are the only titles in existence that deal with homosexuality, and (b) there are no children's books that deal with homosexual parents or families in public libraries throughout the entire state of South Dakota.

Now, South Dakota is geographically a pretty big state so just because one library on one side of the state has a title doesn't make it easy to access. Should there be more titles in every public library that deals with this subject? Perhaps, but that isn't for me to decide because I don't work or live in the state

Bottom line, should there be some books about gay families? Sure. Should they have this particular title? They shouldn't be required.

So you can still travel through South Dakota and maybe even spend a buck or two at Wall Drug.

I have quite a few books that the local library doesn't carry. Should I try to force them to buy them? P-r-e-p-o-s-t-e-r-o-u-s !!! It's not the library's job to carry every book under the sun.

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