Google: 'Gmail' No Joke, Lunar Jobs Are


Reuters Is Reporting on Gmail is real. Google's unconventional March 31 press release announcing Gmail helped set Internet message boards alight because the sub-heading read: "Search is Number Two Online Activity -- Email is Number One: 'Heck, Yeah,' Say Google Founders."

"It is April Fool's Day. We were having fun with this announcement. We are very serious about Gmail," Rosenberg said in an interview.

Still, the Web was buzzing with speculation.

I've had a few people ask me how they can offer so much space, and my answer was:
Almost no one will use much space. Assuming they can effectively kill most of the spam coming in, most mailboxes will not grow very large.


A gig of storage. Reduced spam (although I have to say I will miss those randomly computer generated names like Constipated P. Whiplash that I find in my Yahoo! inbox). Ads I might actually give a rat's behind about.

And the best search engine, IMO, that's available on the web.

Sergei Brin is the sexiest man alive.

Too small, for people I know who send stupid attachments.

I would like an email-provider which will allow me to bounce those 1-100meg files back at people, and tell them to get a webpage/FTP server...

But, as I commented on the next story, I have issues with Google providing email, although they've got a lot of it right - a large inbox, and you should never delete email.

How long are they going to provide access for? 45 days like hotmail?

The forwarding will take care of much of that.

And where's my plain-text, non-web version? They do still maintain lite news, so I have hope...

etc, etc.

-- Ender, Duke_of_URL