Congress’s appetite for the public domain

nbruce writes "At Lawrence Lessig’s blog: “As some of you may remember, in addition to Eldred v. Aschcroft, there are a number of other cases that we’re pushing to set judicial limits on Congress’s appetite for the public domain. Golan v. Ashcroft is one. Golan challenges Congress’s “restoration� of copyrights to work that had passed into the public domain. The government moved to dismiss Golan on the basis of Eldred. Today [Mar. 16] the District Court (opinion) rejected the government’s motion, and, while striking an Eldred-related claim, refused to dismiss the other 3 counts of the complaint.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for great news re the Public Domain Enhancement Act (and see if you can find a couple more signatures to push the total over 20,000)".

Center for Internet and Society Press release for Golan v. Ashcroft"