No More Fair Use under DMCA

The DMCA continues to send shivers down my spine. Wired has a Story that has some not-so-nice things to say. Critics of the DMCA say it could lead to a pay-per-use world where consumers don\'t truly own the books, movies and music they purchase. On Oct. 28, the librarian of Congress will announce new rules governing the access provisions of the DMCA. Remember:

Fair use is not a defense to the DMCA.

\"The technological measures, which may be as simple as a password, place restrictions on who can use the digital information and often disenfranchise the public. Whereas the public may use the same print resources in a law library, in the digital arena law libraries are no longer able to provide equal access to all users.\"

Fair use is not a defense to the DMCA.

THe LOC has The Comments on the law posted. Initial written comments in this rulemaking were due February 17, 2000. The Office received 235 comments. All 235 comments are now available below for viewing and downloading. Copies of comments are also now available for inspection and copying at the Copyright Office.

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