NH parents object to book that calls Jesus vagrant

A New Hampshire couple is asking a school board to remove a book that refers to Jesus Christ as a "wine-guzzling vagrant" and let a committee of parents rate all other books taught in their son's high school. The 2001 book is called "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America" It documents author Barbara Ehrenreich's attempts to live on minimum wage. Dennis and Aimee Taylor have complained to Bedford High School officials about the book and have removed their son from the school at his request. They also object to obscenities in the book. On Monday, they accused officials of either being careless in choosing books or intentionally pushing the author's views. School board members took no action because they're waiting to hear from the district's curriculum committee. Full article here


When will someone stand up to these people and start calling for bans on the Bible for it's violent, racist, sexist and incestual content?

I think the author is the one who should be ashamed.

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