New York City Public Library

There is an interesting article by ADA LOUISE HUXTABLE, an architect in today's (Dec. 3, 2012) Wall Street Journal about changes to the New York City Library. "There is no more important landmark building in New York than the New York Public Library, known to New Yorkers simply as the 42nd Street Library, one of the world's greatest research institutions. Completed in 1911 by Carrère and Hastings in a lavish classical Beaux Arts style, it is an architectural masterpiece. Yet it is about to undertake its own destruction. The library is on a fast track to demolish the seven floors of stacks just below the magnificent, two-block-long Rose Reading Room for a $300 million restructuring referred to as the Central Library Plan."


You mean the New York Public Library. There is no such thing as the New York City Library.

You better hurry, you're going to miss your train at Grand Central STATION

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