New Site From Gary Price and Shirl Kennedy

This is Gary Price and Shirl Kennedy saying hello from Washington, DC and St. Petersburg, FL.
We have some news and a few URLs to share.


When we began ResourceShelf (just about a decade ago) and DocuTicker (two years later) our goal was, and has always been, to share info industry news, happenings in the library world, and supply a non-stop stream of new web-based resources to our loyal readers. Since we began, we've been very fortunate that so many of you have found what we do to be useful.

We would like to say thank you very much for your interest and support. We've also been happy to see that our websites are of interest to a wide variety of readers outside of the library community, including journalists and educators.

Today, we have a bit of news to share.

We (Gary and Shirl) are NO LONGER affiliated with ResourceShelf and DocuTicker. However, that doesn't mean it's time to say goodbye. Hardly. In fact, the same spirit that has compelled us to scour the Internet for interesting resources is also what’s motivating us to jump right back in again. That’s right – as of today, we’re back online.

While we’re still taking baby steps, and both sites are in the process of development, we thought it was best to begin posting the types of materials you've come to expect from us during the past decade as we construct our new sites. We also feel comfortable saying that we have several new features in the works.

So, where can you find us these days?

+ INFOdocket will be our home for new or newly-discovered web resources; reference material we find interesting (lists, rankings, infographics, and factbooks, and other materials); web search tips; relevant news items from the information industry and library community; and some occasional commentary.




+ FullTextReports is the home for a hand-picked selection of new full-text reports on various topics from a wide variety of sources including government agencies, think tanks, non-profits, academia, and
industry analysts.




If you have a spare moment or two, we would be most appreciative if you would let others know about both sites -- or share your ideas with us about our big news!

INFODocket: [email protected]

FullTextReports: [email protected]

You can also reach us using our personal email addresses.


+ At the moment (as we build both sites), we will not be offering an email newsletter. However, we plan to offer several newsletters in the near future.

+ We plan to update INFOdocket and FullTextReports several times a day, seven days a week.

+ Mobile Access? No problem. Just head to the regular URLs and you'll be redirected to our mobile sites.

So, that's the latest! We (Gary and Shirl) hope you will join us as soon as possible.

The best way to let us know you're out there is to follow one or both sites with Twitter or RSS.

If that's not an option, just stop by the web sites and browse.

Finally, we're very happy to be moving forward and glad you will be coming along.

Thank you.

Gary Price and Shirl Kennedy


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