New Apple Agreement Takes 30% of Library Fines

[note: this is me, kidding. because I love.]

Apple's new agreement with publishers secures a 30% fee for any subscriptions generated through Apple Store apps.

And now Overdrive, the company that provides many libraries with ebooks, has announced a new iPad app for downloading ebooks from the library.

So the question is, does this Overdrive app mean that libraries need to forfeit 30% of the fines collected from overdue ebooks to Apple? That same 30% that I've been skimming for years from my job at a New York public library to pay for my Dunkin' Donuts coffee and French Cruller habit? Huh? Can't you do math?

Of course, there are no overdue fines for ebooks, you dummy. You'll believe anything.

But does any Apple app use mean that Overdrive needs to pay Apple some fee for lending ebooks based on an indirect lease agreement with publishers? Only Apple's attorneys know for sure.

Steve Jobs, I know it's a day late, but will you be my valentine?

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