Naked Man Arrested at Cincinnati Main Library

A man faces charges after an unusual incident at a local library. 52-year-old Darrell Bess was taken into custody yesterday, naked, armed with knives and several pounds of stolen cheese.

Bess was ordered by a judge to stay away from the Main branch of the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Public Library in downtown Cincinnati because of prior thefts.

But police say Bess ignored that warning. He was found naked, bathing in the men's bathroom at the library on Wednesday. Police searched his bag and found two knives, two library CD's and 4 pounds of parmesan cheese which he allegedly stole from a local store.

Report from Local 12.


Hopefully he will be treated with respect. Clearly he has issues that need to be addressed. I hope he gets the help he needs.

"Bess now faces new charges of carrying a concealed weapon, public indecency, criminal trespass, theft and receiving stolen property." If I am not mistaken, an element of those offenses is intent. Someone in his condition may not have the requisite intent, at least as far as I can tell from the article. Oh yes, he intended to steal this or that, but he may not have the intent required by the various statutes.

Be that as it may, you really have to give credit to librarians who must deal with these kinds of issues.


Who are you and what have you done with the real SafeLibraries? Giving credit to librarians? Treating someone with respect? Not claiming it's the ALA's fault?

I'm speechless. And hesitant to believe it.

Another flipping nut who could have killed or maimed someone. America turned them all loose in the 1970's and they've been running rampant and breeding ever since, to the point where we have more lunatics running around now than at any other time in history, since most mental illness is genetic. The first thing mental cases do when they're released on their own is to stop taking their medications - and then incidents like this, and much, much worse, happen (remember the nutcase who killed and ate the man on the bus in Canada - nice incident, I hope he was shown respect as he was taken away from the young man's body that he was in the process of munching down). And people like you simper on about treating them with respect.

Sure, don't torture them, but get them away from the general public, and keep them away. Protect the actual productive members of society who don't run around naked in libraries with knives they can stick in people and cheese they've stolen. Nobody has to be cruel to the loonies, but they're a menace and your attitude is typical of the idiocy that got them all turned loose in the first place.

At least he takes bath....

...was just the cheese. What a relief!

this is in Luann for June 22, 2010... check out the next day, too, for more on the "bookworm" she saw..

With over 39 years as a full-time public librarian I wasn't terrible shocked about the nudity. We've seen the knives before too, but the Parmesan cheese is a new twist!!

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