Mother wins appeal to have 'poo poo head' book removed from school library

The poo poo hit the fan for Texan Tammy Harris when she realised her son, 6, was suspended from school for saying a phrase that could be found in one of the school's library books.
Mrs Harris filed a complaint with the Brown Elementary School to have a book removed from the library shelves.
The book, 'The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby' contained the phrase 'poo poo head.'


A 6 year old was suspended for saying "poo poo head"? Yikes! That's one tough school.

"Poo Poo Head Kicked Out of School; Another School Board Removes Another Inappropriate Book"

That's what I wrote about it.

Notice the authors promote the American Library Association propaganda about "banned" books. So, effectively, the ALA propaganda was kicked out of school as well. I love this story.

One thing young kids need to learn is that you don't necessarily repeat everything you read or see on TV. There is such a thing (or at least there used to be) called polite 'society'. It seems from the article that the kid has been in trouble before for saying the phrase before.

If anything I believe has was suspended for name calling or disrupting class.

Actually, the phrase "poo poo head" can not be found in the book in question. As was pointed out by a literate 8-year-old. See:

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