Most E-mailed on New York Times

<img src=""> "<a href="">In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update</a>" is the most e-mailed article on the New York Times as of 17 February 2009, 2:28 am EST. Are there that many librarians emailing this article?


Story has been posted on LISNEWS since the 16th.

>Are there that many librarians emailing this article?

Is this a question that you want an answer to or is it rhetorical to suggest that we should be emailing the article?

The question from our Filipino colleague is not rhetorical. I would consider it fair as our colleague is looking at possible trends in perception of libraries let alone librarians. LISNews is one site among many and it seems our colleague is curious about what is happening outside our particular walled garden that is librarian discourse.
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No. It's the dozens of our friends and families sending it to us, over and over...