Morning hours

Sometimes recording interviews is not simple. There can be much involved in preparing. As I write I am wondering when I might fall back asleep (tried once already and failed) after getting up well before dawn. Working across time zones can be hard in scheduling things because if an interview subject on the east coast of the United States wants to talk at 8 AM their local time, I have to be up by 4:45 AM at the latest Pacific time. The engineer for the production has to be up quite a bit earlier to make sure everything fires up and doesn't die.

LISTen #32 should be interesting. I had the chance very early this morning to talk to a representative of the Department of Homeland Security. For the sake of librarians curious about recent laptop "seizure" news I tried to get an agency rep on to speak directly about the matter. Twitter for me sometimes serves a similar purpose to having a radio scanner running in a news room. Sometimes it is best to just see what trends, issues, or concerns may pop up. This is one of those cases.

Getting a rep lined up was not easy. Lining up interviews for the program is not easy, for that matter. Work to get a representative to speak started on Monday and continued during. I got bounced around a few times among component agencies of the Department of Homeland Security. Finally, after all that bouncing around, I wound up hitting the departmental press team in DC. From start to the finish this morning that took about a week.

There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes as of late. For the most part the only folks who get to hear about it are family as well as Blake. I enjoy getting good programming out there but I will say that it is not easy. There is no magical code word to utter to make interviews just happen. While folks like Rush Limbaugh and the ladies on The View have people who do booking, I pretty much have to do that myself. That gets interesting in and of itself sometimes as it is sometimes difficult work.

Sometimes I just like to show some behind the scenes stuff about how things work out. While it may sound easy on the podcast, there is a ton of work involved. Hopefully it pays off for listeners.

Right now the big issue I have to ponder is why we have nothing showing up in the iTunes Music Store and there are presently no download links or embedded audio players. This may or may not have something to do with the move to ibiblio and inquiries are underway. Part of the work that is involved in my part is making sure I have backup plans ready. Today involves probably some prototyping, I think.

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