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Brendan Halpin salutes the late Ira Levin

I've been interested to see that amid all the respects being paid to Norman Mailer, very little has been said about Ira Levin, who died a few days later. One of my new favorite authors, Brendan Halpin, has posted a heartfelt and informative paean to the writer who left several indelible marks on American pop culture, with Rosemary's Baby, The Stepford Wives, The Boys from Brazil, and others. From Halpin's blog, Girl in a Cage, here is "A Kiss After Dying."

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They called it Rock

Just a heads-up on some pretty cool rock & roll (and other entertainment) memorabilia going CHEAP on eBay, courtesy of one of the small indie record stores in my neighborhood:

Louisiana 1927 & 2005

The novelist Susan Straight, who was at ALA Annual in New Orleans last month, has an article at on the flooded and forgotten communities of Louisiana, nearly a year after Katrina. Recommended reading!

The Big Meow

Fantasy and science fiction author Diane Duane is perhaps best known for the successful "Young Wizards" series of YA books that began with So You Want to Be a Wizard. She also wrote a pair of books (The Book of Night With Moon and To Visit the Queen) of which I am exceedingly fond, featuring a group of house cats who also happen to be wizards.

Rite of passage

Less than two weeks into my first job as a public librarian, and it has already happened: today a patron asked me out on a date. Proof positive that being on the public services desk in a PL can get anybody propositioned! The guy was very polite and respectful, and ran away like a spooked bunny when I responded, "No, sorry ... married!" I guess it's time for me to squeeze that wedding band back onto my pudgy finger.

Today I am a librarian

Today was my first day at my first job as a librarian, and I now know three things:

1) My feet are really tired.
2) I've got to start getting more sleep.
3) I'm finally home!

First job offer

At long last, my job search has borne fruit, and I have my first post-MLS job offer. It's in a public library -- local, though a long commute. I have been for two interviews and have a good feeling about the place.

I have not yet heard back from another PL at which I interviewed two weeks ago. I don't think I can wait around for them. I'm inclined to accept the offer I've got.

Selling self / Buying local / Buying nothing

Another round of resumes sallies forth this week. The academic job postings have slowed down around here, but the PL postings are up. Thanks to the mighty red pen of my good friend lislemck, my resume has shed about 700 characters of ugly fat, and my cover letters got some stylin' new threads. So I'm feeling a little better about my prospects than I did last month. Optimism does not come easy for me, but I am giving it a try.

What's with all these temp librarian jobs?

In the last few weeks, I've had one after another temporary librarian position come to my attention. One appeared by way of an actual phone call (AND email) I received from someone who found me on (something I did not know ever happened in real life). Another call came from a library that recently declined to hire me after my interview. (Maybe this is a good sign, kind of? Perhaps it means I was second choice, at least.)

Yikes! I've got a job interview ...

... now what the heck do I do? I am terrified.

Plus, I have no suitable suit. Must shop, time is short, have no fashion sense, hate shopping.

I am trying to recruit a buddy to help me pick out a suit that does not suck. And I guess I'd better crack those "no more sweaty palms" job-interview books I checked out a while back.

It's a public library interview with a panel of three. Can anybody relate their experiences, give me some idea of what to prepare for?


How to get your kid off the Pentagon's list

A little-known provision of No Child Left Behind states that public high schools must hand over personal information about students (including minors) to local military recruiters upon request. The only way parents can get their kids off this list is by submitting a request in writing to their school district superintendent.

Oh frabjous day!

I love the Feel-good Librarian

I love the Feel-good Librarian. This is just the latest reason why.

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