Milk, Bread, Books...

Seems like today's conversation is about the impending snow storm.

All of my coworkers keep going on and on about how much we're expecting and how bad it's going to be.

Then you have a rush of elderly patrons who are stocking up on books like we're giving them by the armfuls for free... okay, so they are "free" to a certain extent but still. It's really not that big of a deal. Weather forecasters have let me down numerous times when I was in grade school. I spent so many nights going to bed expecting not to have to go to school the following day. Only to have my hopes dashed away because the "jetstream" changed its course unexpectedly.

Over a foot of snow you say? --- I say "BS."

Don't get me wrong, I have no objections to being snowed in for a few days with a big box of Popeyes chicken and the warm glow of my big screen, playing MW2 to keep me warm. But I'll believe when I see it.

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