That Mighty Sorting Machine is One for the Books

Story from the NYTimes about a $2.3 million dollar sorting machine that does the work that nobody wanted to do previously...sorting books to send from one branch to another.

Salvatore Magaddino, who oversees the library system’s distribution of materials did not know that such a machine existed until a colleague pointed out one that was featured in a YouTube video.

Article features photos and a video of the machine at work.


I wonder if it would be easier to recruit book sorters now? The machine has been in the works for quite some time, I bet the mundane work would be a cushy job now.

My NYPL library card expired Friday because I've not checked anything out in a couple of years. I've not been to the city in over a year and even though my office is at 300 Madison which gives me borrowing privileges I've not been to an NYPL branch in over a year.