Michael Jackson, the Bookworm

From the LA Times: Owners of Los Angeles area bookstores (some no longer in business) recall encountering the late pop star perusing their shelves.

A few years ago, Doug Dutton, proprietor of the former Dutton's Books in Brentwood, was at a dinner with people from Book Soup, Skylight and other area bookstores. "Someone mentioned that Michael Jackson had been in their store," Dutton said by phone Thursday, "And everybody said he'd shopped in their store too."

"I've always wondered if there was a library in Neverland," Doug Dutton mused. Indeed there was -- Bob Sanger, Jackson's lawyer, told LA Weekly that Jackson's collection totaled 10,000 books.


6500 laminated back issues of Boy's Life is not a library.

What would you propose that we say about your library when you're dead Chuck?

"This is not a library assembled by a pedophile." I'd be happy with that.

mean, mean people.

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