Meet Beth Hollis, aka MegaBeth

By day, she's Beth Hollis, a 53-year-old reference librarian in Akron, Ohio. By night, she's MegaBeth, an ageless dynamo on the roller derby rink.

Before discovering roller derby, Hollis had been casting about for a hobby. "I tried knitting and literally got kicked out of the knitting class for just not being able to get the hang of it," she chortled. "I guess it was just too soon for me to try knitting. I needed something that maybe was a little bit more physical for a hobby."

Video and story From CNN.


You mean they actually kicked her in the ass while ejecting you from the knitting class? Why join roller derby if you can already get into a similar kind of physical altercation in knitting?

Beth Hollis is freakin HOT!!

Beth Hollis is indeed quite attractive...

Yeah Beth! I got the post from another librarian who said, "Reminds me of you." There's a lot of us out there but roller derby really says it all!!! Whohoo!!!!

Hey Beth Baby, has Shauna Cross, author of Derby Girl, heard about you? I hope so, because her book, on which the film Whip It is based, is so loaded with age stereotypes that I had to duck while reading it. The old people in the book are complete with granny panties, walkers, underarm batwings and cuteness. I'm 75, wear a size 7, work seven days a week and inline skate a couple hours a day. I started rollin' when FDR was prez and see no reason to stop now. No granny panties for this snazzy little Medicare package, Shauna baby. Keep it up Beth! I hope youll still be at it when youre old as me.

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