Love Your Librarian? Tell the World

It's that time again! "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach..."

Nominate your librarian at I Love My Librarian 2009 Award.


Keisa Williams is much more than a librarian. She is constantly sending emails, tweets, and website updates to make sure all the teachers at our school in East Oakland can keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of education and media literacy. She is helping me get a wikispace up and running with all kids of kid-friendly and kid-inspiring content to keep them curious and engaged. She's more than a librarian - she's a superhero!

I nominated someone last year, but she didn't win. I would consider nominating her again, but I suspect the "tweeters" will get the recognition this year. My nominee still gets in her car and drive 30 miles to read to kids at daycare centers whose employees either don't have the expertise to select appropriate materials for their kids, want to give the kids the treat of a special visitor, or sometimes (with the laziest day care workers) just don't want to read to them.

my nominee sings songs and engages kids (and even their parents) with finger plays, puppets, dancing and musical instruments, but she has never sent one tweet or poked one person or tagged one photo. so she isn't cool. but I still think what she does is valuable. maybe I'll get her an award, anyway.