A Look Back At The First 40 "Blogs To Read"

The soon to be finished "Blogs To Read in 2010" list is looking good. To help with the new list, I went through the first 40 to see how we'd done with our picks. The old lists still look pretty darn good. With just a few exceptions, most of the blogs have stood the test of time. I've listed them all below, with a brief comment for each. Be sure to let me know if you have a pick for 2010.
  1. The ALA Tech Blog
  2. This was an obvious choice in 2006 and they haven't dissapointed since. It's still a source for great essay length posts by a group of smart librarians.
  3. Carnival of the Infosciences
  4. Carnivals seem to have been a passing fad that had a place several years ago. It was a good choice back then, but has since been discontinued.
  5. Lorcan Dempsey's blog
  6. Another obvious choice that hasen't dissapointed since. Lorcan continues to show why he's one of the most influencial minds in the profession.
  7. A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette
  8. It's not updated very frequently these days, but it makes me laugh.
  9. Catalgablog
  10. It continues to be the best blog to keep up on cataloging excitement. And we all know how exciting cataloging can be!
  11. Library Marketing-Thinking Outside the Book
  12. Sadly Jill hung up her keyboard last year. She had a great run and the archive is still a godo source for marketing sources and inspiration.
  13. The Kept-Up Academic Librarian
  14. Steven and crew continue to run the best Academic focused blog around.
  15. Librarian.net
  16. If you're reading this you don't need me to tell you anything about Jessamyn. One of the first and still one of the best.
  17. Library Link Of The Day
  18. Still one of my favorite sources of "anything goes" library news. A novel idea that continues to inform.
  19. Conservator
  20. What the hell was I thinking?
  21. Tame The Web
  22. Dr. Stephens has changed his style quite a bit over the years, but the site remains a worthwhile read.
  23. Conversational Reading
  24. If books are your thing, Scott Esposito is still your man. Books aren't my thing but I still keep up with this one.
  25. Tales from the "Liberry"
  26. No longer active, the stories are still wonderfully entertaining.
  27. LibWorm
  28. LibWorm doesn't seem to be breaking much new ground these days, but it's still a useful site.
  29. Ubiquitous Librarian
  30. Not much has changed since 2007, Brian continues to be a great blogger.
  31. The Resourceshelf
  32. Gary Price. Need I say more? Required reading still.
  33. Burger's Blog
  34. Vanished without a trace.
  35. Information Wants to Be Free
  36. Meredith continues to be a strong writer, though not as active, the site is still worth following.
  37. Musematic
  38. In 2007 I wrote "A blog about museum librarianship?? A blog about museum librarianship!!" and I'll stick with that.
  39. YALSA
  40. If I was a young adult librarian I could imagine myself following YALSA still.
  41. The Annoyed Librarian
  42. I must admit I was on the fence in 2008, and I've since fallen completely off. Don't feed the trolls. A blog that was once amusing, independant and entertaining has become bitter and irrelevant. It makes me sad LJ will do this for pageviews.
  43. David Rothman
  44. David Rothman (not to be confused with the other David Rothman) continues "Exploring Medical Librarianship and Web Geekery" and brings us along for the ride.
  45. iLibrarian
  46. If you like top 10 lists like I like top 10 lists you're still following iLibrarian!
  47. Judge a Book by its Cover
  48. Still doing a great job judging covers.
  49. Law Librarian Blog
  50. Law is one of those odd areas that has a bunch of good bloggers. I think we made a good pick with this one still.
  51. Library Stuff
  52. Still sponsered by the fine folks at ITI and still doing some good quality blogging.
  53. Marylaine Block
  54. Marylaine hung up her keyboard, but her site is still wonderful.
  55. Off The Mark
  56. He changed names, but Mark still does a good job on his blog.
  57. ResearchBuzz
  58. One of the first blogs, and still a fantastic resource.
  59. Stephen's Lighthouse
  60. I won't hold his anti-open source white paper against him. Abram's blog should still be on your list.
  61. Alternative Teen Services
  62. Until they closed up shop it was still a great blog for this niche.
  63. Brave New World
  64. For some reason I'm suprised Brave New World is still around. It's a plesany surprise though. Still a good blog.
  65. Closed Stacks
  66. Still "Ruling the world through information"
  67. David Lankes
  68. Virtual Dave is still really good.
  69. David Lee King
  70. Library 101 and everything else make David's blog a great pick for last year.
  71. Designing Better Libraries
  72. They don't post all that much, but whenever they do, it's always good.
  73. In The Library with The Lead Pipe
  74. A great pick from last year. The "Pipers" continue to put out weekly essays that are always worth reading.
  75. The Society for Librarians* Who Say "Motherf*@!%r" or Library Lovers' LiveJournal
  76. I still look forward to posts in both of these. Probably not sutible for everyone, I still think these were a good choice.
  77. blogs.liblime.com/open-sesame or blogs.liblime.com/developers or evergreen-ils.org/blog
  78. Pick your favorite... a nice bunch.
  79. Planet Cataloging
  80. Did I mention how exciting cataloging is? If you have even a passing interest, this is a feed worth subscribing.


I'd like to suggest Jonathan Rochkind's blog, Bibliographic Wilderness and Peter Murray's blog, Disruptive Library Technology Jester.

I failed to notice that there was no name field when composing my comment recommending Bibliographic Wilderness and Distributed Library Technology Jester. -- Stephen Francoeur

...has all but stopped blogging. It is like he had a kid or something.

when I started blogging, I wanted to be included on this list. but in the years since, I've realized that my blog serves no specific purpose, performs no essential function, and isn't even really about librarianship.

... but it would have been cool to be included...

Thanks for continuing to support my blogs Blake. Just a note: Over at Kept Up Academic Librarian there is no "crew" - it's just Steven (were you mixing that up with ACRLog? Hey, why hasn't ACRLog ever made one of these top 10 lists?). Also, DBL - these days it's just Steven. So between Kept-Up, ACRLog, the "From the Bell Tower" column over at LJ, other stuff, the real job and the occasional addition to LISNews - I'm lucky to get out a DBL post one every 7-10 days. There's great stuff to write about and I wish I could get the posts out more often - but I'm glad writing one every now and then is still appreciated. Thanks again for the kind words. Steven

I noticed another blog that's never been on the list, but (a) it seems to have more readers than can plausibly be justified by its significance [I have access to the Urchin reports, and I know], (b) well, what Anonymous 10:39 sez, although sometimes it's about librarianship: that is: "my blog serves no specific purpose, performs no essential function" - so forget Walt at Random. Seems like that's what I do most of the time.

It's been so long since I commented on LISNews I've forgotten my password but thanks for this look back, Blake, and the nice words.