the Living Library has come to the U.S.A.

<a href="">Living Libraries America open to readers</a>. You remember the Living Library <a href="">discussed here already</a>, but now the program is in America. "<a href=""> They first opened in the US in LA last weekend. This past weekend the <a href="">Living Library </a> was in Santa Monica, and it sold out in thirty minutes. All the Living Books representing different stereotypes and prejudices in the community, where booked and on loan to other people (readers) that where seeking to challenge their stereotypes. Response to the event was overwhelming and the Santa Monica Public Library did a fantastic job in hosting and organising the event. Checkouts are for 30 minutes.</a> The Reader must return the Book in the same mental and physical condition as borrowed. It is forbidden to cause damage to the book, tear out or bend pages, get food or drink spilled over the book or hurt her or his dignity in any other way." so now that they are here, how long until these books are available at your library? (I would pimp my blog post on this, but you can find it if you want to read it.)