LISTen: An Program -- Episode #176

This week's episode is a quick one since we're so close to a holiday.

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The Miscellany...


Amazon's cloud is the world's 42nd fastest supercomputer
Amazon is polishing its cloud-based supercomputing credentials with a 240-teraflop cluster that ranks as the world's 42nd fastest.
The Travelin' Librarian » Blog Archive » The #OWS Library and LibraryThing on The Rachel Maddow Show
Occupy evictions spur legal complaint to UN
EU agency warns of voluntary surveillance society - FierceGovernmentIT
The executive body of the European Union should consider a new regulatory framework in anticipation of an socialized world of ubiquitous devices that gather personal data from nearly every aspect of Read more...
The Future of Occupy Wall Street - By Veronique de Rugy - The Corner - National Review Online
BBG: Radio audience far exceeds that of TV, internet | The SWLing Post
Malaysians biggest radio listeners in Asia-Pacific
Feds open up access to government data - Technology & Science - CBC News
The federal government is easing restrictions on taxpayer-funded data it makes public as part of its open government initiative, and is ordering departments and agencies to post summaries of access releases online by Jan. 1.
CRTC internet ruling may boost prices - Technology & Science - CBC News
Internet users may pay more in the future as a result of the CRTC's latest ruling on internet billing, independent internet providers say.
"Occupy Flash" campaign urges users to uninstall Adobe Flash plugin
In the 21st-Century University, Let's Ban Books - Commentary - The Chronicle of Higher Education
How to install the Nook app onto the Kindle Fire | TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics
It’s probably obvious from the article posted earlier today about sideloading apps onto the Kindle Fire, but just to make it explicit, Mashable reports that
Help! Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet? | Signal Strength - CNET News
In this edition of Ask Maggie, a reader needs advice on choosing between two of the most prominent and least expensive tablets just entering the market. Read this blog post by Marguerite Reardon on Signal Strength.
SOPA's latest threat: IP blocking, privacy-busting packet inspection | Privacy Inc. - CNET News
A little-noticed section of the Stop Online Piracy Act could require deep-packet inspection and blocking IP addresses of copyright-infringing Web sites, a significant change from earlier versions. Read this blog post by Declan McCullagh on Privacy Inc.. » Blog Archive » the Kindle lending experience from a patron’s perspective “a wolf in book’s clothing”
Morten Juhl-Johansen Z?lde-Fejér - Google+ - AbiWord v2.9.2 Released! The AbiWord team joyfully…
AbiWord v2.9.2 Released!

The AbiWord team joyfully announces AbiWord v2.9.2, the third snapshot
of the development that will lead to AbiWord 3.0.
More on the 5K+ books in the People's Library that the NYPD tossed in a dumpster. #OWS #bibliocide
Police evict Wall Street protesters from NY park - UNITED STATES - FRANCE 24
Police have ordered protesters in New York to quit their camp in Zuccotti park near Wall Street, but will allow them to return once it has been cleaned. The protesters are planning a mass march on Thursday to mark their two-month anniversary.
Patient BW, DOB 2/16/1971 — The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
Sept 24: Facebook is scaring me. (Seems like the tech blogosphere has caught up, 2 months later.).
Scripting News: Facebook is scaring me
Aaron Toponce - Google+ - Am I the only one who does not like this? I get the…
Am I the only one who does not like this? I get the opportunity to change my wireless access point's SSID, so Google doesn't track it geographically?…
Aaron Toponce - Google+ - Google Wants To Track Your Physical Location
WWII shortwave messages found on cardboard discs | The SWLing Post
WBCQ The Planet » Blog Archive » Free Speech Radio Special
Voices for the Library » Blog Archive » Birmingham City Council’s library cuts: from world class city to mediocrity
US State Department not for internet freedom - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
The SOPA bill will help private companies cut off internet sites only to protect their profits.

Google Watch

Here's how to opt out of Google's Wi-Fi snooping - Computerworld Blogs
Google has long collected information about people's home and business Wi-Fi networks, and included it in a database that it uses for location services. The company now lets you opt out so that you network isn't included, but it could be harder to do than you think. Here's how to do it, in a few easy steps.
Google will ignore your Wi-Fi router ... if you rename it • The Register
Google WiFi Opt-Out Method Met with Skepticism - Security - News & Reviews -
Google offers a way for users to opt out of having their WiFi routers included in its Location Server, but some believe the method is too complicated for most consumers.
Google serves up Ice Cream Sandwich code • reghardware
Google Releases 'Ice Cream Sandwich' Source Code | News & Opinion |
Google releases Android 4 source code, but true openness still elusive
Google has announced that it is publishing the source code of Android 4.0, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. The code drop will also include the Honeycomb source history.
Google Now Letting Users Opt Out of Wi-Fi Location Tracking | News & Opinion |
Google is now officially offering the means to opt out of having your Wi-Fi location data tracked.
Google Analytics A Potential Threat to Anonymous Bloggers -

Outer Fringes

Niall Ferguson on 2021: The New Europe -
EU agency warns of voluntary surveillance society
Lauren Weinstein's Blog: The Coming Fascist Internet

Education Madness

Explaining the Diminishing Returns to Non-STEM Higher Education « The Volokh Conspiracy
The Volokh Conspiracy » The New Physiocrats, or, Is There Value in the Humanities?
GayPatriot » What value the humanities?
Elite Firms Fishing in a Very Small Hiring Pool - Megan McArdle - Business - The Atlantic
Last week, I wrote the Tyranny of the Meritocracy, where I tried to explore, a little, the rise of…