LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #117

Last things first, here is the view off the Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge referenced at the end of the episode: The Ashtabula River Click the picture for a larger view on Flickr. This week's episode includes an interview with Will Manley discussing his recent forays into looking at politics and the profession. A miscellany of items is presented of items that caught our attention but were not expanded upon into larger items. OhioLinuxFest 2010 is mentioned as there is going to be a main track presentation about libraries & librarians at an event that really isn't librarian-focused. Related links: Diligent Room on making textbooks with pediapress Ray Bradbury talking revolution Terry Reese on paywalls Byron York at the Washington Examiner talking Kindles and Civil Rights In Education Slate on the communications strategy of the Russian spy ring that was recently sent home Barry Kauler on Puppy Linux 5.1 Reuters on how Americans don't want government to build out broadband CNN talking about the rise of electrical black-outs in America BBC News on the rise in enrollment at Open University BBC News discussing the Google-Verizon open Internet proposal CNET's Molly Wood talking about the Google-Verizon proposal lacking any provisions relative to mobile broadband Andrew Orlowski on Google's seeming self-interest in the Google-Verizon proposal Andrew Orlowski on the web's hyper-powers and how the Google-Verizon proposal might lead to their being locked in as hyper-powers The Economist on changes in global communications
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Is There A Will Manley Transcript?


I wish I could do that. Right now, after spending three months building backup systems, we still don't have the capacity to do that. Pods in Print is a vendor that charges one US dollar per minute to transcribe things. We don't have the money to pay for that at this time. ________________________ Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS PGP KeyID: DC5A625B