LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #89

The big networks have contingency plans with alternate studios. When ABC cannot produce evening news in New York, a back up is available in London. When our eastern US operating site isn't able to act, our western US site can sometimes take action. Through a great degree of improvisation this week's podcast was presented by our western engineer, Mike Kellat. First up we go through the zeitgeist review. Secondly we talk about the post-tsunami situation in American Samoa while mentioning one local religious group that is taking action. So far no needs have been heard from the territory's two lending libraries although one was within the immediate target area of a wave. The two elders who oversee Tafuna Church of Christ are respectively the territory's Chief Forester and a former head of the local bar association. Their mailing address mentioned in the episode is: Tafuna Church of Christ P.O. Box 326 Pago Pago, AS 96799-0326 Their contact telephone number is +1 684 699 8763. Their contact e-mail is [email protected] Be forewarned that even though the territory is a US jurisdiction calls to it are often billed on par with international calling. For cell phone users in the United States, expect the cost per minute for calling to range in dollars per minute. Skype is preferable for making contact. After that we take a look at the report of the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy. The report was released on Friday on a day normally known for bad news being buried. The episode wraps up with a miscellany of nuggets. Related links: Profile America Script Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy Knight Commission's Report Referenced post by Henry Jenkins Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #162 Reuters on talks between Comcast and NBC Universal CNET on talks between Comcast and NBC Universal Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on Amazon deletion policy David Bigwood on web services reliability Larry Dignan on Earthlink's plan to speed up dial-up