LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #81 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This episode starts off with a segment-sized edition of Tech for Techies in which the program's western engineer spoke about the new production arrangements. After that an essay is presented as an initial look at alternative ways libraries can help bridge the digital divide. Such is only a start and another essay is expected in the following episode. After that the zeitgeist review over LISNews for the previous week is given. The episode wraps up with a discussion of the new recording arrangements while also explaining how submissions can be made for air. Due to the restrictions present in rural broadband in Ohio's largest rural county, a shift to physical media exchange is required. Such is more explained in the closing although the following contact addresses were given: For physical mail: 2348 Dewey Road, Ashtabula, OH, 44004-9656 For the western engineer: [email protected] For the program presenter: [email protected] Related links: Profile America transcript on the Smithsonian Institution Bloomberg Report on Unemployment Figures Release Friday The Bureau of Labor Statistics Release Bloomberg Reported On Internet Engineering Task Force RFC 976: UUCP Wizzy Digital Courier Offline Mirror Options Relative To Wikipedia Additional Option For Mirroring Wikipedia In Bandwidth-Impaired Settings Where Collaborators Exist Gnash Low-Bandwidth Feed of This Week in Tech LNN Experimental low-bandwidth feed Bashpodder The Cited Terms of Service From the BBC as to Podcasts They Release BBC Podcasting Portal Diggnation NIH on Collaboration With Wikimedia
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