LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #73

One thing missing in Drupal's audio module is the ability to put a time-delay trigger on putting up audio posts. This may be why the TWiT Network uses Drupal to run their site but does not use the audio module to serve up programs. With it being a holiday weekend in the United States, delay was inevitable.

This week's episode is brief. This is due to the holiday weekend and the marked paucity of stories. Some news briefs are presented, though.

A small item transcribed from the program: "For library science students out there in need of a summer project, I have one for you. Since the Internet Archive is quite inflexible in terms of materials deposited relative to license status, we have a problem. LISNews Netcast Network programs can include different pieces of material with differing degrees of copyright status. Creating a digital library of network programs, which now stretch back to the last month of 2007, is something I would be interested in having a student help build. If you are interested, you can call in the United States 702-425-8547. If you need credit, ask a prof to discuss the logistics with me."

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