LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #72 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This is an early post of the low bandwidth (11.025 kHz, 8kbps) version of LISTen #72. The normal quality version will post tonight at the usual time barring any disruptions. As the comments ID3 tag to the file notes about episode contents: "Relay of Fiji stories released by RNZI / Tech Talk on Twitter and Google". Full links and descriptions will come later tonight.

These low bandwidth versions of episodes are released as a test. iPhone users cannot perform Over-The-Air syncing of our main feeds as file sizes are frequently over the ten megabyte per episode cap. Posting this before the normal podcast post time gives me a chance to tweak it as necessary before the main show is released. This feed is smartphone friendly as long as there is an RSS reader available for your smartphone. The relevant FeedBurner address is:

In making it easy for episodes to go over low bandwidth links, quality is frequently sacrificed. The result is still usable but not necessarily optimal. For librarians curious at putting other netcasts side by side to observe differences, contrast these two renditions of TWiT #194: Regular Feed & Dial-up.

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