LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #70

This week's program is fairly brief. A rough transcript is available after the "read more" jump. E-mail subscribers should follow this link. As an experiment, a low-fidelity version of this episode is available for manual download here for those with lower speed links or severe bandwidth restrictions. Rough Program Transcript Robotic radio voice: “At the tone...four minutes...Coordinated Universal Time.” Robotic radio voice: “National Institute of Standards and Technology Time, this is radio station WWV, Fort Collins, Colorado...” Stephen Michael Kellat speaking: It is Monday, May 4th, 2009 and this is LISTen #70. Let's take a look at the bottom half of the past week's top tens for hits and comment. Such stories you might have missed include: Three new things walked into a bar... It's a test designed to invoke an emotional response Questioning Expenses in Lexington, KY 'Digital Barbarism' Wages Online Copyright Battle Japanese publisher fighting comic bootlegs Copyright Battle Looms for Doctors Who 'Grew Up Google' Amazon Acquires Stanza, an E-Book Application for the iPhone And Customer Service: Someone is Always Watching You might wonder why there weren't ten items I just mentioned. The answer to that is simple. Overlap happens. Now let's stop for a moment to hear Profile America. [Transcript of Profile America item can be found online at] Stephen Michael Kellat speaking: Our quick tip for dealing with swine flu possibilities as of late is to enforce hygiene and manners in your libraries. Washing your hands, covering your mouth when coughing, and using facial tissue are basic acts that help prevent transmission of swine flu as well as other nastiness. Keep an eye on reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta for further updates. Remember, the unusual bit to the spread of this is how late in the normal season it is when climate might otherwise hold it back. Today is May 4th. On this day in 1970, four students were shot dead at Kent State University by soldiers of the Ohio National Guard. We're keeping the episode short this week as we'd rather you took a moment to consider the legacy of that day. We've brought up before how the military in Fiji continues to censor media outlets. While that may seem remote, four students died right here in the United States thirty-nine years ago while speaking out against a war they deemed unjust. While it may seem easy to say that events such as what is happening in Fiji could not happen in the United States, it requires ignorance of history to say that there are no precedents here. As a matter of disclosure, this program's presenter and engineer are both graduates of Kent State University. I was audio engineer for a few musicians who were there on that day. This program's engineer used to perform with musicians in Northeast Ohio who were participants that day in Kent. This is an “on week” so Hyperlinked History will be airing Wednesday. Tech for Techies will be bringing a discussion Friday of unwanted noise that could interfere with your recording efforts and how you can filter it out. Until next time, please remember that Erie Looking Productions produces LISTen for the LISNews Netcast Network.