LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #67

This week's episode is jam-packed. We have an interview with Zonker Brockmeier, community manager for openSUSE at Novell, about that particular Linux distribution and how libraries can leverage it. We also have an interview with Sascha Segan of the PCMag Digital Network about the shift from print writing to writing online. Discussion of the Public Radio Exchange presence newly initiated by the network is also found in the show as it is explained what that means to listeners. Other news items pop up during the course of the program. Related links: One piece about the Binghamton situation Another piece about the Binghamton situation Yet another piece about the Binghamton situation Story by Maggie Reardon about cutting back on broadband The network's profile on Public Radio Exchange Some licensing discussion at PRX NPR affiliate finder PDF file containing a list of all NPR affiliates Zonker Brockmeier's Blog Download page for openSUSE Zonker Brockmeier on Twitter Columns by Sascha Segan on Sascha Segan on Twitter Center for Democracy and Technology on S. 777 Additional material by the Center for Democracy and Technology on S. 777 eWeek report on S. 777 openSUSE Education announcement Installation instructions for the Jaunty Jackalope beta Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud
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