LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #50

In this week's episode we hear from Rob Lopresti not only about music but also about stolen books at Western Washington University. An analysis of a perhaps overlooked part of media coverage of the Mumbai incident is also presented. As for the list mentioned by Mr. Lopresti in the interview, the address to write to is:
Rob Lopresti Wilson Library Western Washington University Bellingham, WA 98225-9103 United States of America
A self-addressed envelope with USD$0.59 postage is requested from libraries located within the United States. While listeners outside the United States are advised to check with their respective postal authorities, it appears that enclosing a single Universal Postal Union International Reply Coupon may be sufficient to cover postage costs. Related links: Alexander Wolfe's blog post at Information Week Report by Murad Ahmed at the Times of London Report on Twitter in Mumbai at the site of the Courier Mail Bloomberg News reporting on response by the Indian government Mindanao Examiner talking about the Mumbai attack Forbes on the use of Twitter in Mumbai A Twitter user calling for no panic creation Global Voices looking at Twitter in Mumbai Potential Christmas gift for art lovers Potential Christmas gift for lovers of information policy Potential Christmas gift for those seeking to archive podcasts
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