LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #45

This week's episode brings a discussion involving Stephen, Blake, and Mike Meloni in Australia. The topic discussed was Internet censorship in one particular part of the Anglosphere. Considering the decisions of the US Supreme Court in recent years to apply wholly alien legal principles from abroad in the US, something like this happening in one part of the Anglosphere may flow outward. A commentary is also presented in regards to two recent stories on LISNews. Related links: Piece by Michael Meloni discussing the Australian net censorship proposals Discussion from ZDNet's Australia section about telecommunications market issues there Reporting from ComputerWorld in the matter (WARNING: Some language may be deemed offensive in the report text) Post discussing a possible re-imagining of librarian education Post discussing a future without physical library buildings Press release on the BlogWorldExpo disc offering And here is the commentary in video form:
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